Our diet plans are designed individually for you to follow with daily instructions with consumptions times and important tips to maximize results in a short time. Paulo will personally email you once we have received your order with an introduction to the program.


Weight loss truly begins when you change what you consume and implement routine exercise. Food and exercise are the true source and cure for your body, energy and overall happiness. This guided weight loss diet will have you feeling lighter within the first week. Complete for at least 30 days to maximize results- enough time to build a habit and achieve your goals.


Muscle gain is directly impacted by your body’s nutrients and muscular exercise.  Eating the right foods at the right time of day will ensure you are able to build muscle fiber that allows visible muscular growth and strength.  Physical training is extremely imperative to stimulate muscle growth during the diet.   The plan also includes main exercise routines that help develop your body.


Vitamins and supplements are necessary to compliment your diet and overall health.  Most of the time we don’t intake the nutrients we should even if we have a great diet.  It is common to miss some important nutrients that may not be on our plate. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids among others are vital and especially complimentary in your overall goal to becoming stronger and healthier for years to come.



Diet Plan
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