What Our Clients Say

Paulo is amazing and has changed my physical health. I used to think a trainer was too expensive, but could never get to my goals on my own. At 48, I'm in the best shape of my life, thanks to Paulo! Don't be intimidated to try him out - Paulo is incredibly approachable and kind, and will not yell or scare you into shape!

Dr. Li Surgeon

Wow! Paulo is an amazing trainer who helps his clients look and feel their best! I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Paulo. He knows how to motivate you to achieve your personal best and realize your weight loss and fitness goals. His workouts are varied and fun and keep you from getting bored. They are tailored to each client and his/her needs. He is a true professional-- always punctual and completely committed to making sure that each and every workout is AMAZING! I cannot recommend him highly enough!!

Dr. Catherine Surgical Oncologist

I love training with Paulo. He really understands my fitness goals and keeps me motivated between sessions with friendly diet reminders. He is someone who genuinely cares about his clients and works smart to push them to achieve the best version of themselves.

Mirtha Published Author

Paulo is inspirational! He pushes you to achieve your desired weight-loss goal. Your body goes through a transformation, from muscle definition to strength. I highly recommend him.”

Monica Talent Manager

Paulo is the best trainer in the world! He worked with me on all my meal planning and we set attainable fitness goals together. His dedication to his clients is outstanding and he has encouraged me on a daily basis to hit my goals – which I hit! Hands down, he is the best!

Brianne Vice President

Paulo is honestly incredible! He never seems to have a bad day, his positive outlook on life made training easy for me to push through. He gave me words of encouragement and made me feel like I can do anything! He always tells me, “I am not here to time you, I am here to train you”. His exercises are fun and they will be bring out your inner power!

Yesi Radio Executive

Paulo made me think different about what I put in my body. Changing your eating habits isn’t easy but, he makes it easier for me. He focuses on making me you feel and look my best. You get results with him!

Christina Music Director

Paulo has changed my life. His understanding of both my diet and workout have helped me lose weight and keep it off for the first time in 15 years. His genuine care and attention have motivated me to continue these lifestyle habits under any circumstance. I am incredibly grateful and honored to be his lifetime client.

Dina General Manager

Paulo is amazing and such a pro at personal training – I’ve lost 12 lbs! I’m in the best shape and the strongest that I have ever been. From his tailored workouts designed specifically for my body, safely increasing my strength and endurance (in what felt like no time), to his uplifting, caring and positive spirit…I absolutely can never run out of awesome things to say about Paulo and my experience in training with him.

Candice Marketing & PR Entrepeneur

Paulo is my personal trainer. He is the consummate professional. He knows what he’s doing and does it very well. He knows the human anatomy and applied motivational psychology. He knows his client’s limits and gets the maximum, tailor made, results from him or her. He is alternatively demanding and complementing, challenging and encouraging, and makes it all fun. Those fortunate to be his client feel and live better and have more energy and less pain. He is a blessing.

Gershon Clergyman and Author
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