Project Fitness L.A. is the best one-on-one personal training experience in Los Angeles exclusive to those who have health and fitness objectives and/or have a need to maintain their wellness.  This dynamic service is provided by Paulo Spritze who is specialized in high-profile clients who want a low-profile training where confidentiality and trust are priorities.  Training sessions are offered at the convenience of the client’s home with all equipment provided. To enjoy the full benefits of having a personal trainer, skilled body stretching for flexibility or any pain relief is also included in each session.  Stretching can be done before and after the session, according to the needs of the client.  Diet consulting and planning is also included for each client as they wish.

In the midst of squeezing in high-profile lunches and finding the best route around the 405, the city life can easily distract one from our personal well-being.  Angelenos are more than ever, taking advantage of the beautiful weather, access to California’s fresh organic produce and endless scenic coastal lines to maintain their health, beauty, and fitness.  Enjoying the Los Angeles lifestyle is something every person can benefit from and having a Personal Trainer makes it easier to build the discipline and balance so you can have the energy to accomplish anything.

Each session is highly motivating and fun, we guarantee the client will be delighted with the level of professionalism, knowledge and confidentiality.  Everyone’s capability is extraordinary when discovered.


Paulo Spritze
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