3 Small Steps To Healthy Eating

Paulo Spritze

Diet. A word that when first comes to mind can make some cringe, frown, and even pout but, do we really need to be in fear? No! Diet simply means your daily eating regiment, look up on your dictionary (do they still print those?).  This means if your diet consists of Corn Flakes, chips, diet soda, burritos, donuts, and late night dining, that should be enough to make you cringe, frown, and even pout!  That is a poor eating regiment.  Starting a nutritious diet isn’t always easy for everyone and has to be introduced gradually. We have to set ourselves up for success but, most importantly have a positive attitude! Follow these three steps to get you on your way:IMG_8898

Think positive. Don’t think about what favorite fattening foods you can’t have but, instead think about the good things you will have with a nutritious diet. You will have more energy, have more confidence, radiant skin, can fight off disease, feel uplifted and ultimately more empowered to achieve more greatness with your new diet.

Take care of your impulses. You might want to snap back to a comfortable food after a long day or a stressful phone call. What you need to do is leave a natural snack near your living area or work space to ease any impulses to raid your kitchen for junk food or go to the vending machine. This could be a bowl of tangerines on the coffee table, and apple at your desk, a container of almonds or blueberries.  Grocery shop for a few items to keep at the office.  Your mind will want to eat what you first see so, give yourself nutritious options.

Dine at home. It can be easy to lose track of your nutrition goals when you dine out.  You have appetizers, drinks, and desserts that you entirely don’t know ingredients to.   It’s best to make your own food so you’re able to control the ingredients that go into the recipes. Buy fresh produce that you are eager to cook.   This practice should be a priority for those training to lose weight because it dramatically helps your perspective on what you consume.  If you’re training hard and then meeting your friends for happy hour, don’t expect intimidate results.

3 Small Steps To Healthy Eating
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